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28th November 2022

Momentum to keep Sunshine Tour golfers in good health

The Sunshine Tour and Momentum Health Solutions have partnered to provide the leading top 50 golfers with medical aid coverage and a range of other wellness benefits suited to professional athletes.

The initial two-year sponsorship deal will see those professionals who ended in the top 50 on the final Order of Merit in May 2022 receiving cover for the 2023 calendar year. Those players who finish in the top 50 by the end of May 2023 will then receive the same for the 2024 calendar year.

Beyond the traditional private medical aid offering, the additional benefits for the leading Sunshine Tour professionals will be access to Momentum’s Multiply wellness programme and HealthSaver account which provides for the opportunity to save for additional day-to-day medical expenses.

“This partnership with Momentum Medical Scheme and Momentum Health Solutions is critical in light of the consistent pressure our players are under to protect their health,” said Thomas Abt, Commissioner of the Sunshine Tour.

“Not only is it important for them to look after their physical health but also to ensure that their wider wellness is being taken care of by removing the cost of medical aid cover and providing them access to a range of health support services unique to their individual needs.”

Commenting on the sponsorship, Damian McHugh, CMO at Momentum Health Solutions, said, “We are aware that for sports men and women their health is their most valuable asset, and as such we are happy to provide support to them where it matters most. As a company we have demonstrated our commitment to a variety of sports in South Africa, creating opportunities for players to place their health and wellness first.”

Photo: Damian McHugh, CMO at Momentum Health Solutions (left) and Thomas Abt, Commissioner of the Sunshine Tour, celebrate the partnership that will bring a new level of wellness to the Tour’s leading professionals.