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The Sunshine Tour joins hands with Feed SA 2

25th March 2020

The Sunshine Tour joins hands with Feed SA

The Sunshine Tour has joined hands with Feed SA in an effort to help the most vulnerable in our society as the whole world fights the scourge of the COVID-19 virus, commonly known as the coronavirus.

The virus COVID-19 has been declared a national disaster by the president and the number of cases confirmed rises to new heights every day and the most vulnerable in our country are people with fewer resources.

To play a leading role in support of those who will be hit the hardest by the lockdown initiated in response to this ever-spreading virus, The Tour and players have embarked on charity campaign called The Sunshine Tour Gives Back.

The players are requested to make a short video showing how best to wash hands in this important period or a video of what they do while staying at home, using the hashtags #safehands and #stayathomechallenge, and post these on social media. Videos which receive 100 or more views from the public will be monitored and food hampers consisting of essentials required in these trying times will be donated for each of those videos.

Feed SA is raising funds to help the people who will be the hardest hit by the implications of this virus including people who cannot afford to stockpile, who can barely afford month-to-month expenses, people who live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions the sick and elderly who cannot risk exposure, people who do not earn their salaries if they do not attend work, people who cannot afford childcare if their kids are home from school and people who have no access to adequate health care.

Kunye means “together” in Xhosa. This word is so important now more than ever. Although we are isolated, we are 100% together in the prevention of the spread of this virus.

This campaign is set to run until March 31, notwithstanding new developments around this situation.

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